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ID 33463

Rob Conway

Founder @salesarmyknife. Biz dev (UK & EU) Experience in computing, telecoms, & Internet. Working with start ups/pivots.

ID 350327

Helen Barlow

I am an enormously motivated professional, highly competitive and resolute in a desire to succeed. I am massively driven to over achieve and seek out recognition on the challenging commercial field and believe that hard work in the right quantity, quality

ID 545644

Chris Harris

Passionate sales and people manager & motivator in digital & mobile start up's - Employee No 4 @ LivingSocial UK, currently lead regional sales at Cardlytics

ID 882170

David Johnston

Community development and brand strategist with strong background in recruiting and sales from entry to management levels

ID 861033

Shanmuganathan Ganapathy

MBA from UK and India (exchange) spl in Finance and Marketing.Worked in IT, Business Intelligence for two years and one year in B2B, sales and marketing.

ID 7043

Bora Kizil

ID 324741

Edward van der Kleijn

Having fun, making money and making a difference, loving life, family and friends all around the world. Loving LinkedIn Follow me here

ID 229038

Daniel Lee


University of Michigan Econ, Digital Agency startup experience, lover of tech and a continuous learner.

ID 272130


Accounting & Finance Graduate from University of Birmingham. Excellent with numbers. Strong background in Sales. B2B Experience. Currently working in Banking.

ID 82224

Samuel Adcock

Studied Engineering Science at Oxford University, (MEng). Worked at BP. Co-founder of a Seraph Science. Co-founder of SquareMarket.

ID 315505

Jonathan Buchanan

Nottingham Business, financial advisor, business consultant, social enterprise mentor

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